Friday, 12 March 2010

1st project.1st year.

I work mainly in textiles but also have a heavy interest in photography, and blending both together. This is something i did last year using transferred photographs, stitch and paint.

Last year, my work was more paint based. this year I'm concentrating at the moment on fabric, although i would love to paint more..i don't think I'm good enough at it though. shame. Pierre Bonnard is one of my favourite artist, i would love to be able to paint like that....

At the moment, I'm working on my Detournement project. I started off with a picture of a painting by Sidney Cunrow Vosper -Salem.

The painting is based on the sin of vanity, the woman has purposely turned up late to ensure maximum audience for her arrival, some say that you can see face of the devil in the folds of her cloak, the artist said that this was not an intention of his when producing the piece.
Anyway. After changing my mind several times, iv ended up working up to making a cloak, hopefully the same kind of style- traditional shape, but made out of photos of a church/ surroundings i took back in wales, ill transfer them onto fabric then work into them with paint, pastels and of course - stitch. I wont to turn the photos of graves and sorts into something beautiful, so that at first glance, you wouldn't think that the cloak is made out of photos of these things because of the vibrant use of colour, and busy patterns.

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