Sunday, 22 May 2011

24 hands.

Coleg Menai.

An exhibition held by Coleg Menai's second year degree students. It was all up to a very high standard and was a good collection of pieces varying from a fishbowl to a poster to a set of televisions playing footage of budgies in their cages which gave you a very colourful and quirky welcome as you entered the room, at The Galeri, Caernarfon.

(apologies for the crap quality photo's- my beautiful new camera will stop this happening in the future)

There were so many exiting pieces of work that i loved, its difficult to chose favourites. But a couple of pieces did steal my attention due to the detail and scale, Mel Cunninghams work all looked fantastic, some framed and one being a large circle piece that could have worked just as well in the room if it was empty. They were a collection of dry point etchings, the main one being her own re-creation of the last supper. The detail was immense of the characters and background in the piece, as well as the blue colour giving the monotone piece a moder outburst of colour, also worked well alongside some of her less busy pieces.
Eva Hoyle's piece 'She' was also one of my preferred pieces. A delicate collection of framed neutral paintings/ ink of a woman figure.

The exhibition also had a large sculpture piece by Miguel of the standing figure. He produces work inspired by the human body and uses his experience of living with partial hearing as motivation to produce deep pieces, varying from ceramics to this plaster combination sculpture.

As a whole, it was a very successful and refreshing collection of work, and reminded me again of the high standard Coleg Menai students continue to reach. The work was ambitious and professional. I thurely enjoyed viewing high quality art as close to home.

New camera.


i have at last a decent camera i can use to photograph my work and other things.
As i don't really have anything to photograph at the moment. I took some pictures of my new kitten.

I'm sure you'll enjoy.

that is all.

last assesment.

For my last assessment i wanted to remind everyone of the previous pieces that i had produced at the beginning as i did put allot of effort into experimenting with lots of different ideas, and also to show how far my ideas had develop towards what i ended up producing for my exhibition.

I'm now going to try and think of a simple marketing strategy for selling my exhibition work over the summer. And proceed to produce my work on pillowcases, to maybe experiment with placing pieces on more useful and practical surfaces. And try and exhibit some of my work over the summer in local venues/ restaurant's.

Two in One night.

Same night as 'relationship', this exhibition held at the student union. Once again a large variety of pieces varying from film to room- instillation's. I liked Rachel Armstraong's film instillation piece projected on three wall's, i thought it was a refreshing way and successful display.
Tom beech's sound instillation made of a collection of glasses filled with different mounts of coloured water, and the interacting side of it - the posters explaining how to make different noises out of the glasses, was also good fun.
I ended up buying one of Hannah Boulter's broaches. They were made to perfection and to a high standards. Quirky little things. Would make great peasants and it was nice to be able to purchase someones work.

Tasha's piece was also an interacting instillation piece, that strongly reminded me of Nicholas Hlobo's ribbon maze that was at the bluecoat, but that Tash's work was dealing with body-image issues.
I was also pleasantly surprised with how they made the space at the student union work as it was all very light, but there was plenty of hidden corners and rooms for everyone to work with.

I enjoyed the whole thing. Two exhibitions. One night.

Friday, 20 May 2011


'Relationship' was the largest group of people exhibiting together as part of this module, it was exiting to see how they would have dealt with the issue of so many deferment pieces and organized the space so that every one's work seem to flow into each other. As all the previous exhibitions I'd visited, and my own, were of small groups, so it was going to be interesting to see the outcome as it had the possibility of looking a bit 'a-level-y'
The space had a good mixture of paintings, sculptress and photography. A couple of pieces i felt were displayed awkwardly and the table's and covers reminded me a bit of being in a Chinese restaurant, but everything worked well within the space, and the work in the middle of the room helped to fill it up so it didn't seem as big and industrial looking. There were some less successful pieces i feel, but the high standard of other works kept the hole show balanced.

Hannah Malone's work, i really liked, especially the plaster and wire sculpture that looked like a heart and its shadow outlining a face. There was also allot of zestfully prints. Kate's collection worked really well in the space, she had also displayed them in a cluster witch helped the pieces connect with each other. Hazel's textile pieces combined with the colourful abstract paintings also were ones that distracted me. The way she had chose to frame them also added something to the pieces. It was also nice to get to see work I'd previously seen during crit's and assessments displayed in a gallery environment, such as Rose and Pip Pierce's paintings, they worked well alongside each other two, even tho they're completely different context wise and visually, with the colours of both their work completely contrasting each others.

The opening night was busy, there was also another opening the same night in the next room, so that also brought a different crowd. I am happy that i chose to exhibit in a smaller group, i imagine working in such a large group and keeping things organized might of been more stressful.


An exhibition held by Matt Weir and Phillipa Dye, two completely different pieces, and had used their Liverpool student house as the setting for their exhibition, converting the living room and dining room as their separate spaces, which we had also seen the third year students doing for their 161 exhibition, converting the basement of their student house to be the exhibiting space for their work. For both, it worked well. Matt's work was a series of short films based on footage that he had taken in America over the summer, they all had a psychedelic feel to them with allot of repetitive shots and exaggerated colours that hypnotized you alongside the background piano playing. I really enjoyed the setting of it being in the living room, was like a home cinema, and was a very relaxed environment.

I also really liked Pip's piece. It was an installation, representing a bedroom which contained a collection of hand made stitching, cross hatches and quilts. I could really relate and appreciate the time consuming task of what she had made and all the details of the hand stitching into the paper pieces on the wall. It all worked very well together and the cold, empty feel of the room contributed to the piece. It was also nice to see someone else who had used stitch and different traditional methods within their work.

It was a good night, with a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of booze.