Friday, 20 May 2011


An exhibition held by Matt Weir and Phillipa Dye, two completely different pieces, and had used their Liverpool student house as the setting for their exhibition, converting the living room and dining room as their separate spaces, which we had also seen the third year students doing for their 161 exhibition, converting the basement of their student house to be the exhibiting space for their work. For both, it worked well. Matt's work was a series of short films based on footage that he had taken in America over the summer, they all had a psychedelic feel to them with allot of repetitive shots and exaggerated colours that hypnotized you alongside the background piano playing. I really enjoyed the setting of it being in the living room, was like a home cinema, and was a very relaxed environment.

I also really liked Pip's piece. It was an installation, representing a bedroom which contained a collection of hand made stitching, cross hatches and quilts. I could really relate and appreciate the time consuming task of what she had made and all the details of the hand stitching into the paper pieces on the wall. It all worked very well together and the cold, empty feel of the room contributed to the piece. It was also nice to see someone else who had used stitch and different traditional methods within their work.

It was a good night, with a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of booze.

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