Friday, 20 May 2011


'Relationship' was the largest group of people exhibiting together as part of this module, it was exiting to see how they would have dealt with the issue of so many deferment pieces and organized the space so that every one's work seem to flow into each other. As all the previous exhibitions I'd visited, and my own, were of small groups, so it was going to be interesting to see the outcome as it had the possibility of looking a bit 'a-level-y'
The space had a good mixture of paintings, sculptress and photography. A couple of pieces i felt were displayed awkwardly and the table's and covers reminded me a bit of being in a Chinese restaurant, but everything worked well within the space, and the work in the middle of the room helped to fill it up so it didn't seem as big and industrial looking. There were some less successful pieces i feel, but the high standard of other works kept the hole show balanced.

Hannah Malone's work, i really liked, especially the plaster and wire sculpture that looked like a heart and its shadow outlining a face. There was also allot of zestfully prints. Kate's collection worked really well in the space, she had also displayed them in a cluster witch helped the pieces connect with each other. Hazel's textile pieces combined with the colourful abstract paintings also were ones that distracted me. The way she had chose to frame them also added something to the pieces. It was also nice to get to see work I'd previously seen during crit's and assessments displayed in a gallery environment, such as Rose and Pip Pierce's paintings, they worked well alongside each other two, even tho they're completely different context wise and visually, with the colours of both their work completely contrasting each others.

The opening night was busy, there was also another opening the same night in the next room, so that also brought a different crowd. I am happy that i chose to exhibit in a smaller group, i imagine working in such a large group and keeping things organized might of been more stressful.

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