Sunday, 22 May 2011

24 hands.

Coleg Menai.

An exhibition held by Coleg Menai's second year degree students. It was all up to a very high standard and was a good collection of pieces varying from a fishbowl to a poster to a set of televisions playing footage of budgies in their cages which gave you a very colourful and quirky welcome as you entered the room, at The Galeri, Caernarfon.

(apologies for the crap quality photo's- my beautiful new camera will stop this happening in the future)

There were so many exiting pieces of work that i loved, its difficult to chose favourites. But a couple of pieces did steal my attention due to the detail and scale, Mel Cunninghams work all looked fantastic, some framed and one being a large circle piece that could have worked just as well in the room if it was empty. They were a collection of dry point etchings, the main one being her own re-creation of the last supper. The detail was immense of the characters and background in the piece, as well as the blue colour giving the monotone piece a moder outburst of colour, also worked well alongside some of her less busy pieces.
Eva Hoyle's piece 'She' was also one of my preferred pieces. A delicate collection of framed neutral paintings/ ink of a woman figure.

The exhibition also had a large sculpture piece by Miguel of the standing figure. He produces work inspired by the human body and uses his experience of living with partial hearing as motivation to produce deep pieces, varying from ceramics to this plaster combination sculpture.

As a whole, it was a very successful and refreshing collection of work, and reminded me again of the high standard Coleg Menai students continue to reach. The work was ambitious and professional. I thurely enjoyed viewing high quality art as close to home.

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