Sunday, 22 May 2011

Two in One night.

Same night as 'relationship', this exhibition held at the student union. Once again a large variety of pieces varying from film to room- instillation's. I liked Rachel Armstraong's film instillation piece projected on three wall's, i thought it was a refreshing way and successful display.
Tom beech's sound instillation made of a collection of glasses filled with different mounts of coloured water, and the interacting side of it - the posters explaining how to make different noises out of the glasses, was also good fun.
I ended up buying one of Hannah Boulter's broaches. They were made to perfection and to a high standards. Quirky little things. Would make great peasants and it was nice to be able to purchase someones work.

Tasha's piece was also an interacting instillation piece, that strongly reminded me of Nicholas Hlobo's ribbon maze that was at the bluecoat, but that Tash's work was dealing with body-image issues.
I was also pleasantly surprised with how they made the space at the student union work as it was all very light, but there was plenty of hidden corners and rooms for everyone to work with.

I enjoyed the whole thing. Two exhibitions. One night.

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