Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Liverpool Biennial 2010.

First experience of the biennial for me this year was the exhibition i the old Rapid warehouse/ abandoned shop. There were many different pieces there and allot of installation for the public to participate in. The piece that seems to have stayed in mind from this exhibition is a video piece by Ryan Trecartin. It was a colour full, collage like layout layering clips of different scenes and situations featuring the strangest characters with manipulated voices, everything to begin with seemed all over the place, and i found it difficult to catch up and figure out some sort of 'link' between the fast changing theatrical characters and scenes. At times, the images were quite terrifying to watch with some scenes of violence with some sexual nature and references to tv programmes ( i think?!) with emerging images and manipulated voices, at times was a bit overwhelming. The characters all had exaggerated facial makeup and expressions and most of them seemed to be men playing female roles. I found it difficult to figure out what all of it was trying to tell me and maybe thought too much about it. Yet again i was stuck to my seat, even tho i found some parts difficult to watch. After researching into the piece, i found out that it was a piece about merging identity's and youth culture- which seems to make sense and explains the meaning behind some of the content of some scenes in the film. In a strange way i enjoyed it as an experience to whole different type of art film that i'd previously not been aware of.

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