Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A- Foundation. Liverpool.

A very original and unique performance by Sachiko Abe, a Japanese artist that started to create after leaving defence forces in Japan. She had no previous art experience or background, she just saw it as a very 'free' way to live life. Watching her perform was quite an intense experience, it was deadly silence except the exaggerated consistent snipping of scissor blades as she cut paper continuously for an hour at a time, a practice she had been doing for seven years, using the cut paper accumulated over them years to create a sculpture to work alongside her performances. It was a very delicate procedure she was doing, all her work that was displayed seemed to follow this pattern and explored repetition and attention to detail, even her drawings were extremely delicate and made to perfection. What i also liked as i watched the performance was how peaceful she seemed, and the paper falling down of her lap created something similar to a waterfall effect. The whole setting worker really well, i think she was sat on top of an old office, all the background bricks and windows colours complimented the purity of the white paper. Although you could feel a little bit like you were invading her privacy, it was still very amusing to watch in a sort of therapeutic way.

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