Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Biennial at Fact. Tehching Hsieh

A year long performance piece involving Tehching taking a picture of himself every hour, on the hour for an whole year. 1980-1981
He basically was a prisoner in his own life, in allot of the pictures he seems extremely tired, after thinking bout what he did you realise the commitment he had to
give. He didn't get a decent night sleep for a whole year - not a sort of performance i'd signe up for. When i walked into the room i couldn't help but think that there didn't seem to be enough strips of photos to ad up to be a year's worth... i actually started to count out where a month started and ended.

The way it was all set out was good. With a film made out of all the pictures so you could see the change in his look - hair mainly. He has participated in many 'year long' performances.

It was a piece that fascinated me but i took nothing from it, the sort of piece anyone could appreciate for the time and effort gone into it.

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