Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Lars Laumann

Open eye gallery. Lars Laumann had 3 films there on show, none of them really grabbed me, although i did watch one twice, mainly because was shocked with how ridiculous it was. A film called 'Morrissey foretelling the death of Diana' It was somehow like some sort of collage of video clips, some of very poor quality and some that were bluntly off youtube, containing 'facts' about Diana's death, then Lars's voice -I'm assuming, explaining how a song by The Smiths predicted this..! At times it had a documentary structure, then would change to footage that was hard to say if it was utter piss take, or the guy just had way too much time on his hands and had taken Morrisey's lyrics far to serious. He is a great musician, but come on.. hes not psychic!
Before the open eye gallery, we visited a piece by Do Ho Sun, he had built a house between two buildings on Duke street i think. I liked the whole concept of it - invading space of another building, but i expected some sort of building that looked like it had been squashed in between two run-down Victorian buildings, rather it was a perfectly build- but tilted, traditional house in Saoul.

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