Thursday, 25 November 2010

Andy Holden.
Victoria Gallery/museum Liverpool. We got to spend the afternoon in Andy Holden's company, a new artist for me to experience. I didn't have much idea of the sort of art that Andy produced, only what i had quickly read before attending this afternoon session, so when i walked into this beautiful room to see his performance, i was pleasantly surprised to see a string quartet sitting there in front of a bit projected screen, and also a pianist. The piece was called 'Three short works in time' It was a piece investigating the relationship between the music/noise and sculptural objects. There was also a camera set up recording the performance, this made the atmosphere a bit intense to begin with, i was a bit reluctant to sniff (as i had a horrendous cold) in case i 'spoilt
the footage and interrupt.

The first piece was very beautiful with a sideshow of moving pictures projected with the musicians playing with it. The images we
re of a sculpture piece by Andy, set in different outdoor spaces, switching with footage of a barbecue.
This similar sculpture piece is also used as a sort of mini-venue
by Andy.

Music is very important to him, his art and passion for music are one. He very successfully combines the two, with the right balance and through. He had one piece during his performance where all the musicians read out different scripts/story's/list, this was my least favorite piece as
it somehow just got on my nerves and is something i feel that's been done too many times before, it didn't do the rest of his work justice and didn't seem to blend well within the performance. My favourite piece on the other hand, was a 8 minute video loop of , once again, the round sculpture placed on top of a building and two 'lads' put on a loop, so that they're hand movements were repeated in a motif with the music increasing depth and into minor notes creating some sort of strangely uncomfortable atmosphere, but it also got me laughing somehow.

Some of Andy's other work consist o textile pieces,videos, sculptures and paintings. He also produced bowls out of vinyl records, then painted decoratively . The way he hangs them from the ceiling turns them into a completely different object.

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