Friday, 26 November 2010


Couple pictures of the pieced in rapid hardware store, for Liv biennial.
Lee Mingwei. And his 'mending project'

"I give you something in exchange for something you give me."
Fixing people's damaged clothing, whilst talking to them and 'mending they're minds' he doesn't fix the items like a tailored would, he uses bright, different coloured thread. A
s the damaged garments keep turning up, so do the story's, memories and conversations.
The garments are then considered as objects as they accumulate a pile on the table.
The way the room is set up i thought was pretty calm and colourful with all he thread rolls stuck spread across the wall.I didn't get to see the 'Mending'happening, but i thought it was a very nice and original idea with a sort of therapist edge to the whole experience.

Enjoying a lie down @ Rapid.

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