Thursday, 9 December 2010

Biennial '10.

All in all, the Biennial as a whole was a very positive and enjoyable experience, in all aspects. I enjoyed having to 'find' some pieces as they were all scattered all over the city.This also encourages locals to explore places that they might not have seen before as well as making an effort to get there, and take notice of buildings all around. I think the Biennial is the perfect way of injecting culture back into the city and reminding the people and tourists of all Liverpool has to give.It also brings recognition through the artist that all apply, and get to take part and produce work for it. This also gives us a chance to experience their work that's very unlikely we would come across otherwise. As there is so much going on in old hardware stores, in the streets and in the popular galleries, its difficult to not be able to engage or to be fond of anyone, as the range of work varies from sculptures to films to street art.
I used this to my advantage and made the most of everything that went on, and encouraged myself to maybe spend time thinking about pieces that i would normally dismiss as they were not to my taste. This made me open my eyes to art i never knew existed, some quite frightening. and although i may not be able to relate to the pieces, i did enjoy the experience and found some very intriguing and helpful towards developing my own ideas and work. I discovered allot of new exiting artist, ones that ill use to influence my work and to encourage me to be more ambitious with my work, the scale of it and how to exhibit.
Some of the artist had to adjust the way they wanted to exhibit their work due to the space and unexpected surroundings, this also made me think about how different things can completely change the whole meaning and give out different messages if i don't think things through. This could be to their advantage and also makes them re visit the reason behind the work.
I feel now that from the collection of memories and images i saw during my time exploring the Biennial, its given me confident to be more expressive within my work and has given me confident to try new techniques and explore different medias and places to exploit my work publicly.

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