Friday, 26 November 2010

Pool Of Voices.

I particularly liked Phill's Biennial piece because of his use of Vinyl records, and like Andy Holden, bringing music involved in his work. The piece -'Pool of Voices' was a combination of old record players, savaged from junk shops, and using the turntables to represent actual musical instruments. Then, the 'music' which is a combination of spoken words, and synthetic sounds come together to create an unique original composition, and also visually interesting.

Different to Andy Holden, Phill still keeps on mind the turntables and
records original purpose in mind
with this piece, rather than trying to change them into diferent objects with different purpose, like Andy melting records to the shapes of bowls. I have also experimented with vinyl records in the past, but again in a different way to them both. I did play around with the melting, kept me occupied for a while, but then i started to want to work into the records. I experimented with paint, and scratcing into them, trying to make prints of them, then started sticking photographs on them. I ended up combining everything. I'd start by melting then rushing straight to my sewing machine and sew as much as i could before the record harden up again, it was a risky situation, and very quickly my sewing machine started making strange noises. But i couldn't get enough of the way the record would change its shape whils i was sewing into it, problem was, if i heated the same bit as i previously sewn with my heat-gun, all the thread would burn off. So it was kind of a loose-loose exercise. These are some of the vinyls that came out 'ok'.

In some way, they're representing some sort of 'photo frame' to the photographs in the middle. Working with the heat-gun and melting the vinyl was a very unpredictable process, since i couldn't really control what was going to happen since it was all new to me.

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