Sunday, 30 January 2011

Trwyn Gwil.

From my original idea - swapping aspects of the city and the countryside, swapping they're surroundings and experimenting with producing objects that are made out of material from either setting and place them in the different environment, i have been producing watches out of materials like wool and using traditional sewing methods to represent 'the city'
and also combining aspects from the country. I thought it would be a good representation as it's about time, and also an object that everyone seems to have, and can also represent the aspect of money and expensive accessories that people seem to find important when living
in a city.

When looking at the countryside and more rural spaces, i noticed a big difference in the priorities that people have in both places,
especially when looking at the farming industry. Most of the population in the country is animals. I began by documenting both places with my camera i came across allot of intriguing things in both places but i naturally found the rural spaces of the landscapes in wales allot more ascetically pleasing, personally. And i seemed to come across allot of amusing natural forms, beauty and shapes that i found intriguing, and the fact that it had all happened naturally made it more special than a beautifully built building in the city center, although i also appreciate the skill and effort of architecture in my own way too, its just that i find it as too much
of an 'average' thing that i consume everyday, as i spend more time in the city.
I am now in the process of trying to bring all theseideas together to pursue in organising and co working on this project with Lois Nansi, we both have similar ideas and our work seems to concentrate allot on our welsh background and nature, friends and family. I now need to concentrate on producing pieces of work that combine my ideas, maybe concentrate more on the 'nature' side that the city side, and also considering how my work can work in a gallery space. We bot also want to host this 'exhibition' in a public space in Wales if possible as we think it might appeal more to a local audience, and also i want to experiment more with exhibiting my work outside, in a forest, and taking it further than i previously have.

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