Monday, 31 January 2011

Cow hair balls.

When i came across this barbed wire fence, i was immediately drawn to the little balls of collected hair that the cows had rubbed off. I had previously in my project been experimenting with wool and making my own felt- as they were a good representation of sheep- animals- so fit in well as a material to use in my work combining nature with non natural things- e.g the dye used to colour the wool i bought to make my felt. I also made some watches- that was a representation of the busy lifestyle of the city, out of felt. And experimented with displaying it.

The combination of these reminded me of felt balls. I wanders how effectively it would look if i made my own version with colourful felt, and if it would still convey and intrigue despite it visually being colourful felt. Would i still achieve the beautiful 'natural accident' features that attracted me first to the fence. And also made me realise that i don't need to buy materials to work with, as it would be a different and interesting challenge to try and produce work with a collection of sheep wool or cow hair.

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