Thursday, 3 February 2011


Me and Lois have been searching for somewhere to exhibit our work for our module. we decided that we wanted to do this in Wales, preferably, as its a very strong aspect in both of our works ans as we both are originally from north wales, and also maybe the welsh audience would appreciate the work more as our home country is a significant aspect in the meaning behind both of our projects.
The space at Oriel Dafydd Hardy.

I knew of a small gallery in Caernarfon that encourages young undergraduates to get involved and exhibit there, it wasn't a huge space, but it would definitely provide for the ideas me and Lois had, and the sort of result we were aiming for. I got in contact with the woman in charge only to find out that the space was currently closed down as a gallery space, and they were trying they re best to find funding to build a new space for similar idea- of exploiting young artist, in Caernarfon.
I was very sad to hear this as i attended many exhibitions here, and when in school got a chance to show some of my work, i enjoyed the whole experience very much, it it gave me an chance to experience being acknowledged for my art.
I received allot of positive feedback from the experience, and it was exiting to get to enjoy the opening night and acknowledgement.
This situation has made me learn not to put all my eggs in one basket, and put all my hopes on a space, as its a very unpredictable situation, and i was lucky to even get an answer, as I'm well aware that our second year pupil status might not appeal to many galeries, as allot only take well established artist' request seriously. That's why is important to try and hunt out somewhere that's interested in working with young practicing artist and encourage us, rather than us feeling under pressure and out of our depth. And also, remember that the space we might get might influence our work, either positively or might not do it Any justice at all. we have coma across allot of little galleries that are interested to show/sell photographic work, although that may be useful for Lois, me on the other hand, i enjoy working out different ways of displaying my work, and the idea i have fr this project, i will need floor space. But obviously, at this stage, i am willing to adjust to any alternative space, if needed., as we cant bee too fussy, and this process is mainly for learning how the industry work, how to get you're idea to appeal to these places , and fit in with they're criteria and a space thats not to big.
I suppose because I'm producing new work for this, ill be able to adjust successfully if we find a space in the next week, ill be able to stir my work in the right direction for that space. But i have noticed this process of contacting is a very long and tedious process, especially when not receiving back any information. Since receiving the email form Dafydd Hardy, we have contacted numerous small gallery spaces and even looked into renting a room as a space, we are also going to go see a space in the student union, in case we would also like to show our work here in Liverpool.

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