Monday, 28 February 2011

Y Llwynog.

Ganllath o gopa'r mynydd, pan oedd clych
Eglwysi'r llethrau'n gwahodd tua'r llan,
Ac annrheuliedig haul Gorffennaf gwych
Yn gwahodd tua'r mynydd, - yn y fan,
Ar ddiarwybod droed a distaw duth,
Llwybreiddiodd ei ryfeddod prin o'n blaen
Ninnau heb ysgog ac heb ynom chwyth
Barlyswyd ennyd; megis trindod faen
Y safem, pan ar ganol diofal gam
Syfrdan y safodd yntau, ac uwchlaw
Ei untroed oediog dwy sefydlog fflam
Ei lygaid arnom. Yna heb frys na braw
Llithrodd ei flewyn cringoch dros y grib;
Digwyddodd, darfu, megis seren wîb.

R. Williams Parry (1924)

This is a brief translation of the poem i came across, the only one i found that came close to capturing the atmosphere thats conveyed in the original welsh version.

Near the summit of the mountain, when the church bells
from the valley called all men of God,
And when the clear summer sun, undimmed,
spoke to the mountain peak. Then, precisely then,
came the stirring of his honest foot,
with its rare beauty, startling to our sight;
We did not move, nor did we wish to,
But remained transfixed, like a trinity in stone
We stood stock still, frozen in our stride.
He also stopped; his eyes staring unblinking
Above his steady paws, and then,
without a sign of fright or haste,
his blur of red moved on,
Disappearing like a shooting star.

It's actually quite enjoyable re-visiting poems that i studied in school, i think it also gives more obvious point to my work and depth. Also, no that i'm having to consider how my work would maybe appeal to buyers, its important that its not just decorative but also have some sort of element that viewers could connect with - therefore consider investing.

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