Saturday, 26 February 2011

Y Ci Defaid / Sheep dog.

I have been thinking again and again about how i could take my felts 'root' pieces further, and also thinking of displaying them alongside something in some sort of deep frame so that the texture is not lost, but everything looks finished and structured.
I have also been looking at binging text into my work, and looking back at old poems that i studied in school about the welsh land, animals and culture. This one by Thomas Richards particularly grabbed my attention. 'Y Ci defaid' translated to... the sheep dog.

Rhwydd gamwr hawdd ei gymell–i’r mynydd,
A’r mannau anghysbell;
Hel a didol diadell
Yw camp hwn yn y cwm pell.

Thomas Richards

I had not done much hand stitching previously in my work, but had a go to see how bringing text into my pieces would change the dynamic and hopefully be a positive thing and give my work more Welsh depth. I found it very hard with the sizing of letters and getting everything to fit. But do do like what i came out with allot, and am going to pursue to produce another bigger one that could hopefully be one of my best piece.

Me and Lois are determined to bring a bit of welsh nationality involved in our work as its being displayed far from home, even if the words aren't understandable to most of the viewers, I hope that would bring more interest to the work and hopefully produce more feedback. And as I'm using quite a traditional format of working -stitch, i hope this will aswell give a warm traditional feeling to the work.

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