Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Had a successful week last week as we managed to find a place to exhibit mine and Lois's work in Liverpool, as were still hopeful on somewhere to transfer the show in Wales, once our time is up in the Liverpool location.
We have managed to haggle our way to getting a small room in the Liverpool centre for arts development, near our university and a very convenient location. The workers there seemed very keen to get involved and helping us, as they do encourage and display allot of work by young/ amateur artists, mainly local. Allot of work that was up there was very interesting and colourful. Neither of us had previously heard of the place, or what it was about, which is a shame as it took part in the Biennial, strangely no one mentioned it to us - seemed as a waste with the building being so close to uni, and the work was about the Beatles.
The room has two completely plain walls and two with windows. We obviously thought hard about how our work would fit, and how we could display it, that's the main reason why we chose this room as its conveniently set at top of stairs and as there's only two of us, we thought combined with the corridor space out since, it will definitely be enough space for whatever we chose to display. The women we talked to were very helpful, so I'm sure they will be very helpful when setting our work up.

Also in this room, there is a large window, we immediately thought of Lois's transparent photographs when we saw this, thinking it could be a different and successful way of displaying her work rather than complicating things with bulb and lighting and so on. My work on the other had, as I'm in the middle of producing it, can be adjustable to any space and as my initial idea for displaying didn't go down well in the assessment, i guess i have a lot of re-thinking to be doing anyway... It will be interesting to See the reaction of local people in Liverpool to our work as its vary much about Wales, so well be bringing a bit of the countryside into the city. Which was the initial idea we had to begin with.

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