Thursday, 17 February 2011

Ffelt roots.

The pieces I've been working on recently is quite different to my previous work Iv concentrated more on producing work with representation of 'roots' as that's what will be the end title of mine and Lois's exhibition in April. Iv been working more with felt rather than the fabric, and concentrating more on detailed stitching, rather than the faces i was working into with the trees and colourful hair, and so on.
I feel these pieces will be more suited to display in a gallery environment, alongside photos of my previous work. I'm concentrating on producing work that will eventually all be brought together and portray a sense of welsh community and tradition to the 'scouse' audience.
I have carried on to make my own felt, and sewing into it in the middle as a representation of a tree's roots, but carried on to use the same colour's as iv been working with previously as i still want to photograph these pieces on trees, and hope the contrast in colours and texture from the tree will work well together.
The next step in to decide how to display these pieces, i have a couple of framing ideas i would like to try out, I'm not yet dismissing the idea of a collective mixture of the felt pieces and new sheep pieces that I'm working into at the moment, as well as photographs of my watches and so on in the trees. If they will work together, or ill have to find a balance between what i would like to display. The way ill end up displaying my work also depends on how me and Lois will share the space, and what will go well together. I don't want to loose the feeling and texture of my work, but i do want to get people intrigued and look closer at the detail within the pieces.
I'm starting to doubt my 'fence' idea, and weather or not it will be worth it, as it will be a long, patience testing process for an experiment that might not work out at all, where i could be working into other pieces without having to waste time traveling around. Not that I'm dismissing any of my ideas, more like, trying to choose what will be possible to achieve in the time i have, and what will work better within the gallery environment and convey the right issues.

Also, we need to start thinking about the advertisement of our show, as we'll need to maybe produce posters/leaflets with a taste of the work that will be shown, so that's an added pressure on me to decide on what ill chose to display, and also, deciding on a date....!

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