Wednesday, 16 November 2011

project name.

As I've decided to create a blog of some sort will a collection of images of insoles that i will collect from people, i thought it would be important to try and produce one as professionally as i could. That meant coming up with some sort of name for the blog so it could represent some sort of 'logo' for the project.
I started experimenting with different names , after researching into some of the names i had come up with i noticed that some of the best ones such as 'sole 4 soul' already existed as charities. Some of the ones i thought of were also a bit lame. But eventually i did come up with ones i liked and started experimenting with backgrounds or how i would display the name.
My two favourite were 'discover my sole' and 'share your sole' as i thought they seemed to explain the purpose being the project quite clearly as well as being catchy am memorable. I also experimented on photoshop with different backgrounds and colour, keeping it simple and trying out different layouts.
I wanted to keep it as simple as possible and minimal as i wanted all the attention to be on the photos of shoe soles and if i decided to have writing next to them or not. I quite liked the idea of no identity to the shoes too to make people's imaginations work.
I liked both attempts- the digital photoshoped logo and also the hand made sewn one.

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