Monday, 12 December 2011

Fiona Banner.

I came across the artist Fiona banner, i recognised her name, she was short listed for a turner prize and her piece 'war porn' reminded me of the effect i was aiming for with the writing within my work. Her work varies with experimenting with words,letters,sentences and film transcripts and military aircraft inserted within instillation's. I was instantly drawn to the hand writing, the kind of clumsiness behind the letter and the labour evidence behind the words. It made the piece very personal.

Where as her pieces with stenciled letters are more structured but still affective.
In her piece 'Nude, leaning' she approaches producing a traditional nude painting in a new and original way, by doing it through 'word scape'. Transcribing the vision she recieves, instead of actually drawing the shapes, she describes the nude in attempt to define and describe the scene. She uses the source of words very intelligently and cleaver and produces a succesful piece of work. I really like this idea of describing with words instead of just copying what's in front of you, it also gives the imagination some work to do.

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