Sunday, 11 December 2011


I wanted to take my idea further so got a person i know to write me something about themselves, i then wrote this down on a transparent paper so i could put it over different things and see what worked. I previously had taken pictures of her feet and experimented with editing the background, making the picture black and white and all sorts.

Black and white. Laura's feet.
On photoshop , i layered the photo of the feet with the writing and layered about with transparency and see how strong or faint i wanted the words to be and what worked better.
I also thought of doing the same things with hands but i think hands is a bit of an obvious identity source. I also tried out a variety of different things behind the writing, such as faces, in colour and black and white.

Gwyneb Elan.
I like the way this looks. Experimenting with these has opened up a new source of ideas that i might engage in further, as i was beginning to worry that id be stuck in a rut and develop and obsession with insoles... It was a new experience for me producing allot of digital; work and having to depend on luck and photoshop for my ideas to work as i imagined them. But im definitely happy with the progress i am making with this project.

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