Monday, 12 December 2011

Kay Rosen.

As i came across some artist work that use typography within their art, or even is their art, i started thinking more into why i want to combine words and stories into my work visually and it not just being some information that i collected during the project and not reveling. Kay Rosen is an artist that produces combinations of letters and words and experiments with wordplay and colour as her art work. She explores language interpretation and visual tricks with the way and words she chooses to work with. Her work is something i enjoyed looking at and triggered my mind to think harder about the importance of one letter within a work and not to just place word wherever and however.

I also started thinking about the importance of colour within the work as I've chosen a path of combined black and white images alongside vibrant colour text and layered.I need to think why i do this and if its mainly for a visual impact or decorative reason.
My work isn't meant to be making a statement its meant to be more about discovery and identity so i don't feel as much pressure on the writing as its a collection of people's own words and stories, but i am contemplating producing some pieces in welsh and see if indulging in experiments with different languages- how would viewers react to that.

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