Sunday, 4 December 2011

Share your sole.

By now my shareyoursole blog, witch was the original idea for this project is up and running and I'm actively collecting and receiving emails with pictures of different people along side a bit about the shoe or themselves. I advertised with posters up in shoemaker's shop as well as spreading the word through email. I'm not depending on this element of my project to feed it all but i hope ill come across some interesting facts through collecting the information.

I started thinking about other paths i can take but sticking to the theme of shoes or feet. I liked the idea that someones identity could be through a different part of their body except their face or personality. The shapes on the bottom of shoes also amuse me and i would like to make something out of them too.

I kept the shareyoursole blog simple. The main logo at the top then the pictures set up as some kind of list. Ive not yet decided what to do with the information i have about the shoes as I've just posted the up images only and thought it looked quite good and minimal.
I kept the background simple and plain so that you're immediately distracted to the images. I hope this blog will continue to develop and ill get some ideas from it for my practical work.

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