Monday, 12 December 2011

Laura's story.

I finally finished my first version of the recent idea i had of combining the information i received off a person with an image of their feet and that through combining photography and stitching. I was missing a bit of crafty work within my project so going back to the sewing machine was refreshing as well as a challenge as I've never used a sewing machine to sew words before-especially a whole a4 image of words. It was a long process and took allot more of my time than i originally assumed it would, but now at least i'm prepared to the days that goes into producing of of these for feature reference.
I love the way the black and white image contrast with the bright pink. I would like to experiment more with layering different colours of writing next but in a similar manor to this one as i feel it has turned out well and how i wanted it. I'm hoping these could build up to being a sucesful series of work, although very time consuming. Im happy to be producing real life pieces as well as the insole blog as i found being on a computer and collecting images of shoes a bit tedious.And i enjoy making more than photoshop-ing and i find it easyer to enjoy my work more when i have put hours into producing something.... hoping that other people can aprechiate the effort too.!!!

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